Vetting Information
Vetting Invitation Form - August 2016

With the commencement of the Vetting Act on April 29th, Garda Vetting is a legal requirement for those who work with children or vulnerable persons.

The vetting application process is now online. The steps that applicants follow are outlined below. The National Vetting Bureau is no longer accepting paper applications from the Diocese.

e-Vetting Steps

Step 1 Vetting applicant completes manually a Vetting Invitation Form (Paper Form), forwards same to Vetting Administrator at Diocesan Office and provides proof of identity to Parish Priest.

Step 2 Applicant will then receive an email with link attached for completion of Vetting Application Form.

Step 3 Applicant completes Vetting Application Form online and submits it online.

Step 4 The Diocese reviews the Vetting Application Form and submits it to the National Vetting Bureau.

Step 5 National Vetting Bureau processes the application.

Step 6 Diocese receives the result of Vetting Process from the National Vetting Bureau and sends the result to applicant.

If the applicant does not have an e-mail address they may submit their application from the e-mail address of a friend or family member.

All who are in contact with children or vulnerable persons, as part of their ministry, are required to undergo Garda Vetting every 3 years.

Attached below are copies of the Garda Vetting Invitation Form

Further information: vettingdiocesan@ardaghdiocese.org or 043 3346432

Vetting Information& Vetting Invitation Form - August 2016


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